How should I choose the hardware for my door?

Mon Mar 27 21:59:08 CST 2023

Door hardware production process

1, quality door hardware surface smooth, flat, no air holes, burrs, blemishes and other phenomena, details in particular see the fine craft. This is due to the large forging machines that are used to forge high-quality hardware. The high mechanical strength makes the density of the material extremely high, and after dozens of precision machine tools, the polishing process makes the product as bright as a mirror.Hardware accessories

In contrast, inferior door hardware products are produced by small die-casting machines and rudimentary lathes, which generally have a loose structure and can be found to have pores, filigree, cracks and unevenness on the surface upon visual inspection.

2、Plating process

The plating layer of high-quality door hardware products is often bright and even, with a natural colour and good density, and the plating layer is visually thick. Poor quality door hardware products have dull plating, thin plating and are prone to rust, wear, flaking and blistering in the short term.

Hardware with a strong sense of design brings a pleasant feeling not only visually, but also expresses a deeper taste for the home. You can choose from the following three points:

1, style coordination: the door lock shape style to match the home decoration style; advice: let the designer accompanied by reference or take the designer's proposed drawings to the market, so that it is easier to grasp the style problem.

2, colour matching: the colour of the door lock should be coordinated with the door and interior tones. Suggestion: listen to the designer's advice.

3, grade matching: a good horse with a good saddle, the grade of the door lock to match the grade of the decoration; in the middle and high grade decoration, only copper locks can match.