How does a precision hardware machining plant process parts?

Mon Apr 03 13:16:25 CST 2023

(1) First, receive customer drawings processing requirements, before starting precision hardware parts processing, to choose the appropriate CNC machine tools, prepare a few sets of processing processes economic, good efficiency program.Precision hardware processing products

(2) Then develop a suitable CNC/machining machining program for precision hardware parts, to process the drawings of the parts to be analyzed, the parts to process the content of the parts and the use of suitable processing technology.

(3) followed by the choice of material hardness, for some occasions, the material is the higher the hardness the better, just limited to the hardness requirements of the machined parts, material soft and hard moderate, at least a grade lower than the machine hardness, so, the most basic one is, before processing must pay attention to the density of the material.

(4) In the precision hardware parts processing is important to the preparation of the process flow design, because the parts processing procedure steps, the selection of benchmarks, the choice of processing tools, fixture selection and installation and processing strategy and process parameters to determine the quality of the product. In the process of precision hardware parts processing should also focus on the quality of the product full inspection, my company is equipped with a full range of precision hardware parts processing equipment, CNC machine tools, testing equipment, more than ten years of experience in precision machining, strict control of product quality, can provide a one-stop service to save heart and effort.