How can hardware fittings develop for the better?

Thu Mar 02 14:27:49 CST 2023

Innovative technology and brand is the road to a strong hardware fittings industry

Due to the rapid development of hardware fittings production technology and the impact of expensive labour, developed countries have accelerated the transfer of middle and low-grade products to the third world, and only produce some high value-added products themselves.

In Europe and the United States with the developed countries of the building hardware products designed to be easy to install and maintenance-oriented, can be self-assembly (do it yourself) products and tools are very popular in the market.

China's exports of hardware products earn only 3% of the total exports, not only the technology content of the problem, but more importantly, the brand problem.

Brand includes a lot of content, including service, reputation, etc.. Reputation is gold, integrity in business is the fundamental way. If we produce hardware products, do not stick others' brand, but to their own brand to sell, but also and sticker sales price, then our GDP also do not know how many times.

At the same time, bigger and stronger hardware industry in China, the involvement of large consortia is a key factor.

How to create China's own brand commensurate with the hardware accessories market, which is a problem we urgently need to solve.

With the accession to the WTO, a large number of internationally renowned brands will also be flooded into China, which is what we often call the wolf. The wolf is coming and there is nothing to fear, the key is that we have to have a good shotgun to block it.

The development of production and marketing of China's hardware industry must follow the domestic and international trend towards internationalisation, and pull the development of enterprises with new marketing to create an international concept.

China's hardware products are almost not in the international hit the brand, in addition to the first domestic hardware industry slides, hinges, "China Well-known Trademark" enterprise high visibility, China's domestic hardware well-known enterprises or less.

I believe that after a period of struggle, Chinese hardware products in the international brand will be more and more.