General knowledge on the purchase of hardware accessories in renovation

Mon Apr 10 14:38:24 CST 2023

Hardware is a very important part of the decoration and is responsible for the use, comfort and safety of the home. However, in the selection of hardware accessories, many people often do not have a comprehensive assessment of the quality and use of the effect, the following is a small knowledge of the purchase of hardware accessories.Fitting hardware

First,Door locks

Door locks are the first line of defence for family safety and should be treated with care when purchasing door locks. For door locks, consider its safety performance, durability, ease of use and other aspects. In the choice of materials for door locks, steel materials should be chosen as far as possible instead of zinc alloy and other poor quality materials to ensure the safety and service life of the lock.

Second, the handle

Door handles not only have the function of opening and closing the door in use, but they should also be considered in terms of feel, aesthetics and other aspects. In the purchase of handles, should also pay attention to the choice of materials, try to choose wear-resistant, not easy to fade material. At the same time, for the often open and closed doors, you can choose some of the more sturdy and perfect handles, to ensure that a long time to use.

Three, window locks

Windows are a necessary component of home access, and window locks are an important safeguard to ensure the safety of windows. For the choice of window locks, consumers should pay attention to its fixity, the quality of the material and ease of use and other factors.

Four, hinges

The hinge is the connecting measure between the door panel and the door frame, which ensures the solidity and smoothness of the door panel. When buying a hinge, you need to consider its stability, material quality and matching door type and other factors. At present, steel hinges are increasingly sought after by consumers, as they are not only durable but also galvanised for effective rust protection.

Five, floor drain

Floor drain is actually one of the hardware accessories, which is mainly used for drainage and preventing foreign objects from entering. When choosing a floor drain, consumers should consider factors such as water resistance, anti-blocking ability and water circulation. When purchasing, you can choose U-shaped, S-shaped and other shapes of floor drains, because these shapes are not only beautiful, but also have a better anti-blocking performance.

To sum up, the importance of hardware in the decoration is self-evident, so when buying it, you should pay attention to quality, performance and aesthetics. By choosing the right hardware according to your specific needs, you can make the decoration more complete.