Flow of die-casting process

Tue Jan 10 14:07:00 CST 2023

In die-casting production, die-casting machine, die-casting alloy and die-casting type are the three main elements. Die casting process is the three

elements for the right combination and add to the process. To make various process parameters to meet the needs of die casting production The die

casting process is the process of combining and applying the three elements. The selection of the ratio pressure of die casting should be based on

different alloys and casting structure characteristics to determine. The choice of filling speed, generally for thick-walled or internal casting with high

internal quality requirements, should choose a lower filling speed and high boost pressure; for thin-walled or high surface quality requirements of the

casting and complex castings, should choose a higher than calendar and high filling speed. For thin-walled or high surface quality castings and complex

castings, higher ratio and higher filling speed should be selected.