Factors preventing the development of the hardware fittings industry

Mon Apr 10 23:39:38 CST 2023

Hardware accessories are machine parts or components made from hardware, as well as some small hardware items. It can be used for individual purposes or as an aid. Examples include hardware tools, hardware parts, daily use hardware, building hardware and security products. Most of the small hardware products are not final consumer goods. Rather, they are used as ancillary products for industrial manufacturing, semi-finished products and tools for production processes. Only a small part of the daily use hardware accessories is a necessary tool for people's life consumer goods.Hardware accessories

General hardware

Valves, bearings, springs, pulleys, castors, joints, clamps, rollers, buckles, nozzles, spray nozzles, hooks, grappling hooks, balls, balls, clamps, clamps, shingles, rigging, rollers, universal wheels, oil seals

Factors that constrain the development of the hardware fittings industry are:

1、Leading effect. 2、Locking effect. 3、Horse effect. 4、Gear effect. 5、Gathering effect. 6、Scale effect.

At present, the original accumulation of hardware manufacturers in China and the accumulation of wealth has not yet reached a certain degree, therefore, it will take a long time to make the hardware fittings industry bigger and stronger, which is inevitable.

In the process of internationalization, we have to deal with the challenges, hardware fittings first of all to do their own thing, to build a good platform and integrate resources.