Do you know what are the production processes of automotive moulds?

Thu Apr 13 00:36:19 CST 2023

The process of automotive mould production many people do not understand this issue, because most people in the process of production life, will not contact the mould production and manufacturing industry, but certain enterprises or factories, specializing in the production and manufacturing of moulds, they are very good at the production of moulds, every day contact with the production and design of a variety of things is the mould.Automotive Moulds

First, design patterns

process of mould production, including design drawings this step, to design a mould, first of all, should be the first to show the diagram of the mould on the drawing, engineers or designers, will use the relevant software to produce design moulds, the size of the mould, drawing specifications marked out, to produce a three-dimensional diagram and a plan, and then only to be able to carry out the next step of production and production.

Second, choose the material

In fact, the process of mould production is not complicated, is divided into these steps introduced in the article, after the design drawings are completed, the next step should be to choose the right material, the right material is the premise of the production of qualified moulds, if we choose the quality of the material is not good, the production of the moulds produced, the quality will not be good to where, so the choice of materials is very important.

Three, the production of samples

When we have chosen the material and designed the drawing, the next step in the mould production process is to make a sample, we have to make a sample to see if the design and size of the mould meet the specifications, only then can we prevent the production process in the next step without fail, because if there is a relatively large error in the size, it will lead to all the moulds can not be used.

Four, demoulding process

When we have produced a large number of moulds, we need to take them out of the moulds, so that all the moulds can be made to appear as they were originally made.

Five, open moulds

When we make a custom mould with the factory, the first thing the factory will ask us is whether we want to open the mould. The first step in the mould production process is to open the mould, if the goods we have made do not have a good mould, we need to pay the cost of opening the mould, the cost of opening the mould is usually several thousand dollars, if the mould is ordinary material, the price is cheaper, opening the mould is also a process that can not be omitted.

Sixth, mass production processing

The last step in the process of mould production is batch production processing, which is also the work of all factories every day, either a large number of mould production, or the use of these moulds, batch production to produce uniform specifications of goods, batch processing can improve the production efficiency of enterprises, so now all enterprises and factories are using moulds or machinery and equipment, mass production.

Mould production process is not complicated, mainly including the above 6 steps, in the process of production, only adhere to the process of process, in order to be able to make the speed of production continue to improve, only to maintain high production efficiency, the enterprise can create greater economic benefits, so from the mould production of this industry, production process can be smoothly carried out, but also affect the production efficiency of a key. So now the factories are process-oriented production.