Do die-casting mould operators need pre-service training?

Wed Mar 22 15:38:22 CST 2023

The following points are available for die casting mould operator training.

(1) Strict implementation of the die-casting worker operating procedures, strict control of the first die cycle time, its error should be less than 10%. Stable die-casting cycle time, to a casting factory comprehensive benefit is vital. It has a decisive influence on product quality stability, mould life, failure rate, etc.Die cast products

(2) Strict implementation of mould cooling programme, mould cooling is an effective way to improve production efficiency, casting quality, mould life and reduce mould failures. However, incorrect water cooling operation will cause fatal damage to the mould. Stop die-casting production and cooling water must be turned off immediately.

(3) Pouring column skimming pool, scoop aluminium, pouring column action specification, so that the scoop into the metal liquid does not contain oxidation skin, pouring into the pressure chamber of the metal liquid at least fluctuations. The error of manual pouring into the amount of pouring is controlled within 2-3%.

(4) Clear the mould in time to remove the accumulation of scale on the parting surface, cavity, core, sprue, overflow channel and exhaust channel to prevent the mould surface from collapsing when the mould is closed and blocking the exhaust channel, or causing the mould to be closed poorly. It is forbidden to use steel tools to touch the moulding surface when clearing the mould.

(5) Spraying spraying is one of the most important and difficult die-casting operations, and must be operated strictly according to the spraying process. Incorrect spraying will cause unstable product quality and early damage to the mould.

(6) Lubricate the sliding parts in accordance with the regulations.

(7) Pay attention to the tightness of the closing mould at all times and frequently check the mould platen pressure and mould bracket support to prevent the mould from sinking or falling during use.

(8) After completing a mould maintenance cycle or stopping production after completing the specified production batch, keep the last die-casting product (preferably with pouring and discharge system) and send it for repair together with the mould.

China's die-casting mold development is faster, in production output and quantity, second only to punching mold and plastic mold, die-casting mold has accounted for China's total output of all kinds of mold about eight percent, so die-casting workers training qualified to go on the job.