Die-casting mold trial

Thu Jan 05 21:51:39 CST 2023

Die-casting mold trial:

(1). Completed the manufacture of the mold, according to the design of the machine position on the mold.

Die-casting mold

(2) Connect all water lines correctly and open 1/2 water, apply heavy (oil) or die casting special release agent to the die surface.

(3) Start the machine with slow injection for 15-30 times, so that the mold temperature is raised to more than 150 ℃.

(4). Switch to fast injection and adjust each pressure at the same time. Time. distance and other parameters to achieve the surface effect of the product  The better. If the mold temperature rises to 200℃ or higher, the water circuit should be fully opened.

(5). The temperature of aluminum soup should be 650-670℃.