Classification of mould accessories

Fri Mar 24 23:36:33 CST 2023

Mould fittings stand at the top of the hardware fittings with their high precision requirements and high quality requirements. It is a popular new industry.Auto Parts Mould

Hardware stamping die parts include: H-type straight punch, A-type secondary punch, edge forming punch, K-type bud punch, B-type guide punch, A-type child punch, convex die, concave die, bushings, HSS round bar, super fine particle tungsten steel round bar, powder HSS round bar, floating pin, floating material pin, stop screw, positioning pin (fixed pin), contour sleeve, guide pillar, guide sleeve, precision grade chrome plated guide pillar, precision grade copper titanium alloy guide bush, self-lubricating guide bush, internal guide pillar assembly, sliding guide pillar assembly for die holders, ball guide pillar assembly for die holders, detachable ball guide pillar assembly, external guide pillar assembly, steel ball bush (cage), independent guide pillar, hexagonal screws, contour screws, etc.

Automation machinery accessories are: guide shaft supports, retaining rings, linear bearings, ball guide shafts, oil-free bushings, single axis robots - drives, linear guides, linear slides - cable protection chains, ball screws - support assemblies, trapezoidal screws - sliding screws,, swivel shafts, bearing housings - bearings, cantilever pins - hinge pins - step screws for pivot points,, couplings - motors, timing belt pulleys - idler pulleys, timing toothed belts, keyless bushings, flat belts, round belts, pulleys, idler pulleys, rollers - conveyor parts, gears, sprockets - chains, conveyors, locating pins - bushings for fixtures, locating parts, sliding tables, lenses - LED illuminators - inspection stands, sensors - switches, probes, pillars - standoffs - pillar clamps, search clamps - elbow clamps, round bars - hexagonal profiles - tubes - resin bars, transparent resin - glass? Engineering plastic sheets, Sheet metal processing products, Sheet metal processing products, Washers, Collars, Gaskets, Screws, Washers, Nuts, Small parts/Magnets, Springs, Buffers, Nitrogen springs, Polyurethane, Rubber, Sponges, Felt, Anti-vibration, Sound insulation, Static electricity, Safety protection, Manifold blocks, Pipes, Pipe fittings, Hoses, Valves, Pipes, Fittings, Adsorption parts, Nozzles, Cylinder related parts, Connection parts, Heaters, Temperature control related, Heaters Temperature regulation related, Heat shields, Aluminium profiles - Profiles & brackets, Accessories for aluminium profiles - High efficiency particle filters, Facty profiles - Tube profiles, Panels? Flat panels, castors - adjustment blocks, handles - hand wheels - knobs, handles - hinges - door components, angles - profiles, corner holders - reinforcement bars, safety grilles - various door components - standard components for aluminium profiles, etc.