Choose a good injection molding machine from those aspects?

Fri May 12 00:47:54 CST 2023

After obtaining the information of mold, product, plastic and molding requirements, you can follow the following steps to select the right injection molding machine:

1、Injection molding machine selection: The product and plastic determine the machine type and series.


 Since there are many types of injection molding machines, it is necessary to correctly determine which type of injection molding machine or which series should be used to produce the product, such as general thermoplastic or bakelite or PET material, single color, two-color, multi-color, laminated or mixed color, etc. In addition, certain products require high stability (closed loop circuit), high precision, ultra-high injection speed, high injection pressure or fast production (multi-loop), etc. The right series must be selected for production.Injection molding machine

2、Determine the mold size: determine the "Green column inner distance", "mold thickness", "mold minimum size" and "mold tray size" of the machine by the mold size. "To confirm whether the mold can fit or not.

(1) The width and height of the mold should be less than or at least one side less than the inner distance of the Green column;

(2) The width and height of the mold should preferably be within the mold tray size;

(3) The thickness of the mold should be between the maximum and minimum mold thickness of the injection molding machine;

(4) The width and height of the mold should be in line with the minimum mold size recommended by the injection molding machine, too small is not acceptable.


 (3) Determine the product ejection: the mold and the finished product should determine whether the "mold opening stroke" and "mold holding stroke" are sufficient to allow the finished product to be removed.

(1) The opening stroke should be at least twice the height of the finished product (including the gate) in the direction of the opening and closing of the mold;

(2) The mold holding stroke must be sufficient to allow the finished product to be ejected.