Auto Parts Inspection

Thu Nov 03 12:58:31 CST 2022

Parts inspection for automotive plastic mold production

The automotive industry has a huge responsibility to keep vehicles safe and to keep the billions of consumers who travel on the road every day happy. Automotive parts are expected to have zero defects, no exceptions. Substandard products can endanger lives and damage a brand's reputation, profitability and ability to meet contractual obligations. Hongsheng Mold & Manufacturing has been implementing a rigorous quality management program.

Quality reporting and certification

Hongsheng Mould's QC team ensures that all orders are completed in accordance with Hongsheng Mould's manufacturing standards.

Ø Complete dimensional inspection reports

Dimensions are verified using precision measuring instruments (calipers or gauges) and, if necessary, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). And the QC team of Hongsheng Moulds will check all critical dimensions as needed.

Ø Material certifications

Auto Parts Inspection

These certifications include steel and component certifications as well as steel heat treatment certifications. And they will be provided prior to the shipment of the tooling for each project.