Assembly process of mold

Sat Nov 12 01:20:49 CST 2022

The assembly process of mold includes the following 3 stages.

(1) Preparation stage before assembly

(1) Familiarize with the mold assembly drawing, process documents and various technical requirements, understand the structure of the product, the role of the parts and the connection relationship between them.

(2) Determine the method, sequence and process equipment needed for assembly.

(3) Clean the assembled parts, remove burrs, rust and oil from the parts, and perform clamp trimming if necessary.

(2) assembly stage

(1) assembly stage. Many parts assembled together to form a component and become a part of the mold, known as the mold parts, where those parts directly composed of components, known as the mold components. The process of assembling parts into components and parts is called assembly of components and assembly of parts of the mold respectively.

(2) General assembly stage. The process of assembling parts, components and parts into the final product is called final assembly.

(3) Inspection and mold test stage

The inspection of the mold is mainly to check the appearance quality, assembly accuracy, fit accuracy and movement accuracy of the mold.

After the mold assembly, mold test, correction and adjustment are collectively called debugging. The purpose is to test the fit, connection and working condition between the parts and components of the mold, and make timely repair and adjustment.

Mold assembly is like assembling a machine. Every part, every screw can't be wrong, otherwise, the consequences will be quite serious. If not, the consequences will be very serious, such as defective products, which will affect the production; if not, the mold will be completely damaged and scrapped. So the assembly work must be very careful. During the assembly process, special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the mold, especially the waterway, screw holes, iron chips on site, etc.

Mold assembly process is the process of fitting and positioning, connecting and fixing the parts of the mold into the mold according to certain process order according to the assembly drawing and technical requirements. The assembly process of mold is usually divided into corresponding processes and steps according to the working order of mold assembly. An assembly process can include one or several assembly steps. Assembly and assembly of mold parts are composed of several assembly processes.