Rectangular flower pot plastic mould

Rectangular flower pot plastic mold is made of plastic, lightweight and easy to carry, easy to move and clean. Rectangular design, does not take up too much space, suitable for placing in windowsills, balconies and other small spaces. Planters made of flower pot molds look beautiful, simple and generous, can match a variety of styles of home decoration. The price of flower pot mold is relatively low, the cost is low, suitable for mass production and sales, with a competitive advantage in the market. Flower pots made of flower pot molds have good durability, not easy to damage, deformation, can be used for a long time. Rectangular flower pot mold is moderate in size, suitable for planting various kinds of flowers and plants, such as succulent plants, small bonsai, etc. It can be customized according to customers' needs and can make flower pot moulds of different colors, sizes and shapes to meet different needs of customers.

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Product Description

The production process and production flow of rectangular planter plastic moulds are as follows:

1. design and production: first of all, you need to design the rectangular flower pot plastic mould, including the size, structure, shape and other aspects. Then make the model of the mold according to the design drawing, which can be made by hand carving or CNC machine tool processing, etc. 

2. material selection: choose suitable materials for mold making, commonly used are aluminum alloy, steel, etc. These materials have the advantages of high strength, high hardness, good wear resistance, etc.

3. Making parts: decompose the model into parts according to the design drawings, then make each part one by one, and carry out surface treatment and heat treatment to ensure the precision and quality of the parts.

4. Assemble the mold: Assemble each part made into a mold, and make adjustments and tests to ensure the quality and precision of the mold meet the requirements.

5. Test mold adjustment: Test mold adjustment is needed before production, including adjusting the pressure, temperature and other parameters of the mold to achieve the best production effect.

6. Production processing: After the mold production is completed, the production processing of flower pots can be carried out. During the production process, we need to pay attention to the quality and appearance of the flower pots.

7. quality inspection: after the production is completed, quality inspection is needed to check whether the size, appearance and other quality indicators of flower pots meet the requirements.Rectangular flower pot plastic mould factory

8. Maintenance: maintenance of the mold is very important to extend the service life of the mold and ensure production efficiency. It is necessary to clean and maintain the moulds regularly and repair the damaged parts in time to ensure the normal use of the moulds.

Rectangular flower pot plastic mould is a kind of mould widely used in the field of flower planting and horticulture, and its market prospect and development trend are as follows:

1. large market demand: with the improvement of people's awareness of greening and environmental protection, the market of horticulture and flower planting is expanding, which promotes the development of flower pot mould market, and rectangular flower pot mould as one of the common moulds, the market demand is large.

2. environmental protection and energy saving: rectangular flower pot mould is made of environmental protection materials, which meets the modern people's requirements for environmental protection and energy saving, and has a broad market prospect.

3. advanced production technology: rectangular flower pot mold production technology is advanced, using advanced CNC processing equipment, high production precision, reliable mold quality.

4. Diversified styles: rectangular flower pot moulds have diversified styles, and different flower pot moulds can be designed according to different needs to meet the needs of different users.

5. price advantage: the price of rectangular flower pot mold is relatively low, the cost is well controlled, the price advantage is outstanding.

In summary, rectangular flower pot plastic mould has a broad market prospect and development trend, and will be more widely used and promoted in the future.

Rectangular flower pot plastic mould

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