Hair dryer wind cover plastic mould

The plastic mould for blower hood is a kind of plastic mould for producing blower hood. The mould mainly consists of mould base, mould core, mould cavity and so on. The mould base is the main part of the mould, which is used to fix the mould core and the mould cavity. The mould core is the part responsible for forming the internal shape of the blower hood, while the mould cavity is the part responsible for forming the external shape of the blower hood. The working principle of the blower hood plastic mould is to inject the melted plastic into the mould cavity, and through the action of the mould core, the plastic is formed into the desired shape inside the mould. Then, after the plastic cools and hardens, the mould is opened and the finished blower hood can be taken out. The product features of the blower hood plastic mould include: 1. high precision: the mould is manufactured with high precision, which can ensure the production of precisely shaped blower hoods. 2. high efficiency: the mould manufacturing cost is low and the production efficiency is high, which can meet the demand of mass production. 3. Long service life: the mould material is made of high quality steel with special treatment, which has a long service life. 4. Stability: the mould has reasonable design and stable structure, which is not easy to deform during use and can ensure stable product quality. The plastic mould for blowers wind cover has a wide range of applications and is suitable for the production and manufacture of all kinds of blowers. According to customer demand, we can customize different shapes, sizes and colors of hair dryer wind cover.

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Product Description

Blower hood plastic mold is a plastic mould used for manufacturing blower hood. Hair dryer hood is an important part of hair dryer, its main function is to protect the internal circuit and fan, and at the same time enable the fan to blow air normally. The following are the product details of the plastic mould for hair dryer wind cover:

1. Material selection: usually use high quality plastic materials to make moulds, such as ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer), PC (polycarbonate), etc.. These materials have good toughness, heat resistance and wear resistance, and are suitable for the manufacture of hair dryer wind cover.

2. Mould design: The mould needs to be designed according to the shape and size of the blower hood. The mould usually includes the upper mold, lower mould and side mould components, through the opening and closing movement of the mould to form the shape of the blower hood.

3. Mould manufacturing: Mould manufacturing usually includes steps such as mould design, machining and assembly. The mould manufacturing process needs to consider the detailed requirements of the blower hood, such as openings, textures, logos, etc.

4. Mould use: After the mold manufacturing is completed, it can be used for mass production of blower hoods. By heating the plastic to a molten state, injecting it into the mould and curing it after cooling, the moulded blower hood can be obtained.

5. Product Inspection: The manufactured blower hoods need to go through strict quality inspection, including appearance inspection, dimensional measurement, functional testing, etc. Make sure the blower hood meets the design requirements and can be used normally.

In short, the plastic mould of the blower hood is the key tool for manufacturing the blower hood, through the use of the mould can efficiently produce the blower hood products that meet the requirements.

Hair dryer wind cover plastic mould

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