Hair dryer shell plastic mould

The plastic mould for hair dryer casing is a tool used for manufacturing hair dryer casing. It is made of mould steel material and has a specific mould structure and shape. The blower housing plastic mould can be made by injecting plastic raw material into the mould through injection process, after heating and cooling, the plastic will be cured into the shape of the blower housing. The design and manufacture of the blower housing plastic mould requires consideration of the shape, size and surface quality of the housing, as well as the durability and productivity requirements of the mould. By using plastic moulds for hair dryer shells, the need for mass production of hair dryer shells can be realized and production efficiency and product quality can be improved.

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Product Description

The plastic mould for hair dryer casing is used to make the mould for hair dryer casing, it is a common type of mould in plastic processing industry. The following are some product details of this product:

1. Material selection: plastic moulds for hair dryer shells are usually made of high-strength and wear-resistant engineering plastics, such as ABS, PC, etc.. These materials have good mechanical properties and weather resistance, and can meet the requirements of the use of the blower shell.

2. Structure design: The structure design of the plastic mould of the blower housing usually includes mold seat, cavity, core and other parts. Mould base is the support structure of the mould, mould cavity is used for plastic injection molding cavity, core is used to form the space inside the cavity.

3. processing process: the processing process of the plastic mould of the blower housing usually includes mould design, processing and manufacturing, commissioning and other aspects. Mould design is based on the shape and size requirements of the blower shell, processing and manufacturing is the use of CNC machine tools, EDM and other processing equipment, debugging is to adjust and optimize the mould to ensure the quality and dimensional accuracy of the blower shell.

4. surface treatment: the surface of the plastic mould of the blower housing usually needs to undergo certain treatment to improve the appearance quality and service life. Common surface treatment methods include electroplating, spraying, polishing, etc. These methods can make the blower shell with smooth, wear-resistant surface characteristics.

5. mould life: the life of the plastic mould of the blower housing is an important indicator. In general, the life of the mould and mould material, processing technology, use conditions and other factors. Reasonable design and manufacturing process, as well as proper maintenance of the mould, can extend the service life of the mould.

These are some of the product details of the plastic moulds for hair dryer shells, and these details can be customized and adjusted according to specific needs.

Hair dryer shell plastic mould

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