Hongsheng Precision Mould is one of plastic mold,Die-casting aluminum mold,Die-cast zinc mold, Die Casting Magnesium Mould,Die casting mold machining manufacturers with years of experience. If you are interested in our quality products made in China, please be free to check price list and quotation with our factory.  


Dongguan Hong Precision Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a domestic wholly owned enterprise, located in Changan town, Dongguan City. After nearly 10 years of experience accumulation and continuous improvement of quality control, it has grown into a large-scale and competitive source factory in the mold industry. At the same time, it has become a reliable strategic partner for many enterprises worldwide. With the continuous development and expansion of the company, the enterprise is facing diversified development, and has entered into the investment and development of "new energy vehicles, aerospace and other" communication technology ", "home appliances and tools" products, and has made remarkable achievements in these fields.


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